exception safir.slack.blockkit.SlackWebException(message, *, failed_at=None, method=None, url=None, user=None, status=None, body=None)

Parent class of exceptions arising from HTTPX failures.

Captures additional information from any HTTPX exception. Intended to be subclassed. Subclasses may wish to override the to_slack method.

  • message (str) – Exception string value, which is the default Slack message.

  • failed_at (datetime | None, default: None) – When the exception happened. Omit to use the current time.

  • method (str | None, default: None) – Method of request.

  • url (str | None, default: None) – URL of the request.

  • user (str | None, default: None) – Username on whose behalf the request is being made.

  • status (int | None, default: None) – Status code of failure, if any.

  • body (str | None, default: None) – Body of failure message, if any.