safir.database.create_sync_session(url, password, logger=None, *, isolation_level=None, statement=None)

Create a new sync database session.

Used instead of create_database_engine and create_async_session for sync code, such as Dramatiq workers. This combines engine creation with session creation.

  • url (str) – Database connection URL, not including the password.

  • password (str | None) – Database connection password.

  • logger (BoundLogger | None, default: None) – Logger for reporting errors. Used only if a statement is provided.

  • isolation_level (str | None, default: None) – If specified, sets a non-default isolation level for the database engine.

  • statement (Select | None, default: None) – If provided, statement to run to check database connectivity. This will be modified with limit(1) before execution. If not provided, database connectivity will not be checked.


The database session proxy. This manages a separate session per thread and therefore should be thread-safe.

Return type:



ValueError – A password was provided but the connection URL has no username.